I thought about calling this page "FAQ" but one has yet to ask me a single of these questions...

What is this?
This is a simple website with a collection of distributions and a few words about them.
I recently started learning about data analysis and web development. This is my way of practicing both.

What is a distribution anyway?
A distribution is a function that gives the frequency of occurrence of a particular value for a variable. In other words, it tells you how often a variable will take a certain value (or fall into an interval of value). It is not a visualization in itself but it is often represented by a graph, like a histogram or a density plot. We’re quite used to describe variables with averages such as means, sometimes medians. These are convenient but often fail to describe a dataset accurately. Distributions don’t tell everything either, but they convey a lot more information than a single number.

How do you make this?
I typically have an idea of something that I would like to see a distribution of and look for the data on Kaggle, Google Dataset Search or using any search engine. I then read the data into a notebook (Google Colab, Kaggle, sometimes Jupyter) using pandas and plot some histplot or kdeplot with seaborn. Et voilà ! The website is built using Django, a Python-based web development framework. It seemed like a natural choice for me as I had already started learning some Python to do the data-related tasks mentioned above.

I have an idea of a distribution, can I share it with you?
Please do! You can find me on Twitter or email me at demondragon.g@gmail.com.

There are some shocking errors on this website.
Help me improve (and prevent me from spreading misinformation) by telling me what’s wrong. I will remove it or make it less shocking.